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Welcome to Travel + Trust & Wanderlust. A site designed to 

educate, empower and inspire women to travel solo.

Are you curious, but don’t know where to start?

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Solo travel takes on many shapes, and each traveler

has an incredible story to share. Choose your own

adventure and check out the women ‘On the Road’ below.

 On the Road



Need help planning your solo adventures?

Our Travel Coaching program is designed to assist you

in designing the perfect solo trip.  Want to learn more

about our program? Let’s get started!

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On October 15th, we are celebrating our

2nd annual Day of Trust. It’s all about going out

on your own to experience something new.

Are you in? Can you go solo?

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Want to write for us?

 We want to highlight solo travelers and their stories all around the world! Do you have a story to share? Check out our contact us page to see further instructions  

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