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The Travel + Trust & Wanderlust story:

I bought a one-way ticket in 2011 to New Zealand and as cliche as it is to say, I’ve never looked back.  It was my first full solo travel adventure, and I had no idea what to expect.  I planned to be gone for a year, and didn’t come back for three. Through that time, I met incredible people, experienced things you only see in your dreams, and really connected with all parts of this earth.  On returning back to the states, I was a new person with new goals.  I wanted to spread the word of travel.  I have been writing and helping others plan their trips, gap years, work visas, for over a year, when I knew all my knowledge and experience needed to be in one place.

So one day, I got a call that my grandmother broke her tailbone.  I called my work to say I wasn’t coming in for a few days and was on the road the next day.  I drove from Oregon to North Idaho, thinking the entire time about travel and what it means to me.  And then it dawned on me; I didn’t even think twice about getting in a car by myself to travel for six hours.  But some women would.  They wouldn’t do what I’m doing.  And then I began to ask myself why? I have grown so accustomed to traveling solo that I no longer fear doing things on my own.  It wasn’t something that came easily.  I had a massive panic attack before I boarded that flight to New Zealand back in 2011.  I had no idea what I was doing.  The important thing was that I was DOING, not talking.  And that’s all the difference.

On that road trip, I realized that I needed to spread the message of solo travel and not just to my friends and family.  All of my travels for the last 10 years have culminated into this one project.  One that I am fiercely passionate about.  I’m ready to show women of the world that they too, can experience this incredible planet with or without a travel partner.

Thank you for stopping by.

Safe Travels,

Jen Heuett, Citizen of the World

Founder, Travel + Trust & Wanderlust