Meet the Team

Jennifer Heuett - Creative Director, Founder

Hello! I'm Jen, creator of Travel + Trust & Wanderlust. I have the biggest case of wanderlust, and one of the only ways besides traveling I have found to subside the incessant craving is to write about it. You can find my words on here, as well as Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Hipmunk. My travels began at 19 when I left the states for Rio on a three week adventure. Since then I've made it to 30 countries (and counting!), living in Australia, Bali and New Zealand along the way. My travels have inspired my new venture with this website and my goal to reach as many solo female travelers as possible. Through social campaigns, stories, and discussion, I hope to motivate others to get on the road, regardless if you're going solo or not.

Kelsey Shirriff - Content Director

Hello! My name’s Kelsey and I'm a freelance writer/editor, own a small business, and work at a ski resort. I grew up in Minnesota but did a little cross-country road trip in 2013 and put my backpack down in Portland, OR, so that’s where I mostly reside. My travels kicked off in 2012 when I first left the US and went to Argentina for five months, and things just snowballed from there. I’ve traveled through Europe totally solo and parts of SE Asia solo, but here’s the thing I’ve realized; when I travel alone, I’m never truly alone. That’s why I think ladies should get up, get out, and go alone, no matter what your fears are!

Yep, I’m a total advocate for bad chicks like you and me getting out there and doing it on our own. It’s kind of terrifying at first, but it can be the most empowering, mind-opening, self-trusting, chilled-out, amped-up, worthy experience. Even if you don’t think you’re capable, I’m here to tell you – you are. Every great journey begins with just one tiny step – and I encourage women all over the world to take it!

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Bridget Coleman - Wanderlust Advocate

Bridget Coleman is the (insert chosen title) for Travel Trust and Wanderlust. As a student at the University of Oregon, Bridget studies business and marketing. She aspires to use her degree to promote an idea or business of value to the rest of the world. Promoting the power that women have to travel independently is so inspiring to her, which is why she has joined the team here at TT&W. She believes that traveling is the best way to learn about herself and about others. After studying abroad on Semester at Sea, Bridget has been eager to spend time working in a foreign country, and will be spending her summer as an intern in the city of London, while interviewing traveling women and promoting Travel Trust and Wanderlust. In her spare time, Bridget loves to go on runs, spend time with her family in Portland, Oregon, and snuggle with her Yorkipoo, Macy.