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Do you have a great solo travel story you want to share? Or any advice for those who are thinking about traveling solo? Or just want to declare your love for all things travel? Great! We are always looking for women from all around the world who would like to share their story.

** Please follow these directions in regards to sending us your submissions**

Please write “I want to share my story” in the subject line

• Your story must be in FINAL DRAFT with spelling and grammar checked

• Please include photos and where they should be placed in blog post

• One of those photos needs to be a close-up of you for your ‘About the author’ photo

• Include a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself

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That’s fantastic! Thank you for wanting to be part of the team.  At the moment, there are no paid positions available, but if you want to contribute as a Wanderlust Advocate please fill out contact form above.

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