Duffler Bags Are So Worth It

I don’t know how many duffle bags I’ve gone through in my life. 20 maybe? And they all start their life out the same; really cute, fun and go with all of my outfits. I love them because it forces me to pack less for a trip and they’re great carry-ons.

But after about a month of travel, they all seem to disintegrate, leaving me with stringy straps and rips along the sides. It sounds like I throw them everywhere or stomp on them, but I don’t. It’s normal wear-and-tear. They shouldn’t be out-of-action that quickly. So months go by when I say goodbye to one and hello to another. Every time I purchase a new one, I tell myself this one will be different. But it’s not. Until now…


When I was doing my Holiday Gift Guide this year, I naturally wanted to put in a duffle bag. I think they are a wonderful gift and can be used in a variety of ways. So I got in contact with Duffler Bags, a Swedish company that produces high-end duffle bags that are built to last. They offered a unique twist to their bags, allowing you to purchase a ‘beacon.’ This beacon sends an alert to your phone if your bag ever moves away from you. It’s a wonderful safety feature (always looking out for my solo female travelers!). I was intrigued as to how they believe that their bags could tell a story of life and adventure. After reading all their info on their website, I was hooked. Could a bag have a story?

Yes, yes it can. Let me tell you mine.



First off, it arrived on my doorstep and when I tore open the box, the bag was neatly folded in a cute bag that I instantly knew I would use on my travels for dirty laundry or shoes. I opened it up and I could instantly tell it was much different from any other duffle. The fabric, the zippers, the overall feel and look of it was incredibly impressive. And the best part about this was that I was moving to New Zealand in a few days and could really put it to good use. And good use it was.


I flew from PDX to OAK then SFO to AKL (Auckland) within a week of each other. My new bag was thrown mercilessly around, just like any other bag. I dropped it, ran over it with my other luggage (on accident of course), and even dropped a plate of food on it when my niece started to tickle me. I’m not kidding! And you know what? There’s not one scratch, stain, or rip on this bag.


When I flew in to Auckland I got caught in the rain. The bag didn’t seem to mind. I spent a week in Auckland adjusting to the new time zone before flying down to the South Island to start my move to a very small town. I arrived in Christchurch with my bags, made it to my friend’s flat, closed my eyes and was on the bus for a four-hour drive to my new hometown. On the bus ride down to Lake Tekapo, I had to rest my feet on top of my Duffler bag because there was no room for it on the bus! It was packed with people and I only paid for one checked bag so I shoved it under my feet and it stayed there, looking pretty for four straight hours.


(photo courtesy of Duffler)

But the journey didn’t stop there. I got off the bus with my bags and asked the driver for directions to my lodge where I was staying for a couple of nights. She pointed down this rocky path and said, “it’s about a 20-minute walk that way.”

Twenty minutes with two bags and a backpack is pure hell. I dropped my Duffler Bag several times, one time I accidentally stepped on it as I was rolling my luggage over it. Yes, I’m that clumsy. But alas, I made it to my lodge for two-nights of accommodation. I still didn’t have a place to live, but I was just happy to not have to carry my bags anymore.

Long story short, I moved in to a house two nights later, and my Duffler Bag sits in my closet, having a much-needed rest until our next adventure. I’ve never enjoyed a piece of luggage as I have the Duffler Bag. I can tell that it was made with love, with strong fabrics and zippers and the amount of space in that one bag was unreal.

I’m even thinking about naming it. I don’t know what yet. Maybe our next adventure together will bring a name to mind.


(Photo courtesy of Duffler)


If you want to purchase a Duffler Bag, please use my link by clicking here:Duffler Bag

Duffler Bags is an international brand that not only believes in adventure and great products, but also giving back. For each ‘One’ Duffler Bag purchased, they give 30 Euros to the THISWORLDEXISTS Foundation that helps improve education in underprivileged communities around the world. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.


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