If you’re curious about participating in the Day of Trust but want a little bit more info, read our post here

I’m a guy. Can I still participate in Day of Trust?

Absolutely! We want everyone to participate and feel empowered to take a day for themselves and experience something new, somewhere new.

Can I bring my pet?

While that is fun, the whole point of the Day of Trust is to be by yourself. We get so distracted when we have to take care of something or someone else, which takes away from us allowing time for ourselves.

We recommend planning far enough in advance to have even a few hours to yourself.  You don’t have to go far, just someplace new.

Can I bring my kid(s)?

While we understand that some of you have families to take care of, the Day of Trust is a day for you.  And in our post about DOT, we describe many activities you can participate in that are not full day events.  It’s hard to take an entire day for yourself, and we don’t expect you too. But even a couple hours solo will

What can I do for the Day of Trust?

The options really are endless.  The point of the day is to get out of your bubble and try something new by yourself.  For examples, click here.

I can’t travel on that day, can I still participate?

Yes! You can go five or ten minutes from your home and be somewhere you’ve never been.  It’s not about the mileage, it’s about the experience.

I want to help spread the word. How can I help?

Awesome! You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest & Snap Chat (username ttandw). You can also share your photos of you pledging, traveling, and living with us with our hashtags #ttandw and #DayofTrust2016.

For examples of photos of others, click here.

I want to write about what I’m going to do for the Day of Trust. Who do I get in touch with?

That’s fantastic that you want to share your story with us! Please send any stories to: info@traveltrustwanderlust.com

There’s a group of us who want to do it.  Can we go together?

Yes! Carpooling is environmentally friendly, and it gets more of you involved.  But once you arrive to your destination whether it be inside at a museum, or outside at the beach, it’s about you and only you.  Say goodbye to your friends and have a time you all will meet back up to talk about your solo experiences and head home.

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