My Day of Trust Re-Do With Kayak Zak’s


My Day of Trust did not necessarily go as planned, but as with life, most things never do. I had plans to go out to the Stone Lagoon and try stand up paddle boarding for the first time. I was really excited and nervous, considering everyone makes it look easy, I thought I had a chance. IMG_2708

On October 3rd, Mother Nature decided to work against me. I called ahead just to make sure everything was a go and I was told they were cancelling all rentals that day due to strong winds. I was crushed. In the months preparing for the Day of Trust, I didn’t even think about making a back-up plan.

I rescheduled for the next day, hoping the weather would cooperate then. For the rest of the day, I tried to experience new things solo, but it wasn’t working out. I tried yoga on the beach and the wind was so strong, my mat kept blowing half-way down the beach, I didn’t even get in a full sun salutation pose.


I did get to experience a glass blowing festival for the first time, which was a lot of fun. I ended up doing Instagram for the festival and the photos turned out awesome. IMG_1988

But to be honest, I was really bummed out. I had been hustling and busting my butt for months to prepare and organize the Day of Trust and when the day came, I couldn’t even participate. I felt like a fraud.

The photos and messages came rolling in and my spirits were brightened. I even got an e-mail from a lady in Montreal telling me about her disastrous and  a little bit hilarious Day of Trust. It made me feel better. I knew I wasn’t alone.

The next day I woke up really nervous about trying something new. I drove north to Stone Lagoon to Kayak Zak’s to meet with Marna who I had previously spoke with on the phone. She was the owner and operator, and had been out in the area for years. IMG_2719 The company’s cute info center has a plethora of information on the region and I found myself curious about other activities and places to visit. After I filled out a form, I was given full instructions by Marna on how to operate a standup paddleboard and the oar. I felt like I was doing yoga with some of the moves she had me doing. IMG_2715

After the instructions, I took the board out to the lagoon and awkwardly got on. I was not prepared for that. I was a wobbling mess! I finally figured out a smooth paddle motion about a quarter-way around the lagoon. My first attempt to stand up was ridiculous at best. I was so scared to fall in the water that I was moving slower than a sloth. IMG_2749

What seemed to be hours later, I was standing!  Slowly but surely I made my way around half of the lagoon, making sure I was looking out to see the incredible views. This lagoon is located in the Humboldt Lagoon State Park which is home to a wide variety of animals and other inhabitants. If any of you have been to NorCal, you know how beautiful the area is.

One of Marna’s friends who frequents the lagoon with his daughter gave me expert advice to stop off in a little cove across the lagoon to have a look around. He was right. What a beautiful little area to stop for a breather and enjoy the natural landscape. Next time I will bring a lunch and picnic over there. IMG_3730

I got back on the board and was still a little wobbly, but I definitely had more confidence than the time before. I decided to cut across the lagoon ( I was running short on time that day) to get back. I must have caught the wind on its lunch break as it was nowhere to be found. I kept paddling and paddling but was getting nowhere. I actually started to laugh at myself.IMG_3731

After 15 minutes or so, I finally gained momentum and made my way back in to shore. I had a great chat with Marna and her friend and they both gave me fantastic advice on the area and what to see and do. IMG_3732

I left that day feeling completely empowered. I conquered something that I was actually a bit scared to do. And now that I’ve done it once, I know I can do it again. I got to live out my dream I envisioned for everyone participating in the Day of Trust. And I did feel more inspired and more confident to continue to experience new things…even if it was a day late. IMG_2376

If you’re ever in Humboldt County and want a fun and relaxing experience, look up Marna at Kayak Zak’s.

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