Otterbox Resurgence Case is a Traveler’s Dream

I use my phone constantly. Whether I’m updating Instagram, taking Snapchats or looking up flights, I’m always on it. I know that’s not the best thing to admit, but a lot of my work is posting on social accounts. With using my phone for business and pleasure comes a run-down battery all damn day.


I really wanted to include a phone case+charger as one of our products in our Holiday Gift Guide, and doing research I found the perfect one. Christmas came early for me when I received my Otterbox Resurgence case in the mail. I was so excited to try it out, I could barely wait to read the instructions before I plugged it in and used it.

Otterbox’s Resurgence case gives your phone 2X the amount of battery. It is absolutely perfect for the traveler who enjoys the outdoors and isn’t constantly able to plug-in their phone. It’s easy to use, NOT BULKY, and works like a charm.


I took mine for a few test drives before I moved to New Zealand, but I wanted to see what it did when I was in full work mode. I jumped on a Hobbiton Movie Set tour from Auckland my second day in the country to see if my new phone case would last an entire 10 hours out-and-about shooting photos, video, and Snapchats.

All I can say is wow.


I took over 300 photos at Hobbiton, including endless videos and when my battery ran out on my phone, I just pushed the button on my Resurgence case and it started to automatically charge my phone’s battery. I never went without the entire day, and I felt so much better knowing that I was going to have to ‘save’ my battery for the best shots and possibly miss out on some epic footage. I got it all!



Another great feature is that all Otterbox phone cases are destruction proof, the Resurgence in particular is military grade protected, meaning it is unbreakable. And for someone who likes to travel and go on outdoor adventures, I couldn’t think of better protection.


I use this case religiously now and I can’t believe I actually had been working without this case. Travelers, you’ll absolutely love it.

Otterbox phone cases are available for a variety of phones. To purchase a case, visit their site here: Otterbox

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