Solo Female Travelers Have Taken Over

Solo Female Travelers Have Taken Over

Is it just me, or does it seem that there is an abundant amount of solo female travelers these days? Maybe I say this because I am one and am always on the lookout to connect with fellow independent females on the road. Either way, it’s awesome.

solo female travelers californiaI remember my very first trip out of the U.S. at 19. I went to Rio de Janeiro with a friend of mine. Everyone thought we were crazy, were going to be murdered, robbed or raped, or all of the above. No matter what we said or did, people were not celebrating our future adventure as we hoped they would. We were about to explore a new part of the world, expand our minds, introduce ourselves to a new culture and lifestyle, and maybe even find ourselves. How could people not want us to experience this?

solo female travelers rioAs expected, that trip changed my life. The travel bug had in fact, bit me. That was 13 years ago now and I still have vivid memories of that trip. It was the catalyst to my mission; to see the world.

My first solo mission

My first massive solo mission was to New Zealand in 2011 on a one-way ticket to Auckland. Once again, people at home were more afraid for me than I ever was, questioned my life decisions, and generally didn’t understand why I was “running away from reality.” Nervousness hit big time as I had no real direction but south to the bottom of the world. I was choosing my own adventure with no end date in sight. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

solo female travelers aucklandFast forward to 2016 and I am happy to report that solo female travelers have taken over. In the last five years, I have met more female travelers than men! To me, it’s one of those progressions in society that I am happy to be a part of.  I am a solo female traveler leading by example for others to fall in line with me. I love the blossoming of confidence, the knowing of adaptability, and breaking down the false walls of fear.

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With incredible blogs like Adventurous Kate, The Blonde Abroad, & My Life’s a Movie, women of all ages have channels in which they can absorb as much travel inspiration and motivation dedicated solely to the female traveler. This explosion of female travel bloggers has given the most sceptical of women a reason to get out and go solo.

solo female travelers new zealandWhen you decide to take your life into your own hands and plan an adventure on your own, you become a better, more confident, more accepting, compassionate person. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be rewarded, and most importantly, you’ll be doing this for you. No one can ever take that away. Maybe that’s why there’s so many of us on the road now. We’re ready to create our own lives with our own rules.

Want to challenge yourself this year? Pledge to participate in our Day of Trust on October 15th and go solo! More details here: Day of Trust 2016 

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Jen Heuett is the creator of Travel + Trust & Wanderlust, an online community to educate, empower and inspire women to travel solo. Her words can also be found on Huffington PostMind Body Green, and Travel Hooligan, her first travel company that inspires young adults to utilize the Working Holiday Visa in Australia and New Zealand. When she’s not traveling the world, she’s living and loving New Zealand. 

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