Why I Created a Day That Matters

It’s been almost two months since the Day of Trust happened, and I’m still trying to process it all. I had 250 people sign up and pledge, 249 more than I thought would participate. I had many e-mail me, send me messages on Facebook, sent photos on Instagram, and I even got a text from my mom saying good job!

The fact that I took the entire summer to set up Travel + Trust & Wanderlust and the Day of Trust is a true testament to myself. I LOVE starting things. Finishing them is another story. So when the Day of Trust started inching closer and closer, I was surprised at myself for wanting to keep going. Now, a couple of months after, I’m working on a new social media campaign.

When I first started brainstorming for the Day of Trust, I thought I’d make it geographically close to me in Portland. I’d work with local businesses and organizations to spread the mission and get the local community involved. But the more and more I blabbed on about my idea, I realized there was no way I could keep it contained to the Pacific Northwest.  I wanted women around the world to celebrate independent travel along with me-that is the entire purpose of inspiring women to travel somewhere new; to see new places and faces.

And so I hustled my ass off, created new friendships and connected with people all around the world. It was magical…and it still is! Here are some of the lessons I learned along the way:

You are capable of ANYTHING.

I honestly had no clue what I was doing at the beginning. I just started writing comments on FB and started a private FB group. I found that conversing and asking for suggestions/recommendations really helped me figure out what I wanted to do.

Motivation is key.

I feel people don’t realize how much it takes to not only start something, but to continue to build it. Self motivation has to be there. You have to get up, put your pants on, and kick ass. Every. Single. Day.

Know your purpose.

I knew starting the Day of Trust I wanted to celebrate independent travel and inspire women to ‘trust’ themselves to travel solo. I wanted women to feel confident and try something new. I wanted women to realize their capabilities. My passion for all of those became my purpose; to empower women.

People will fail you.

I learned this the hard way. People came swooping in offering help and support and I gained quite a few followers quickly. But just as fast as they came, they found a way to disappear. At first I was really hurt. But I knew that dwelling on people who were not meant to be wasn’t going to make my campaign go anywhere. Life happens. It’s a matter of moving on, growing thicker skin, and being more careful the next time around.  

People will surprise you.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has helped out or introduced me to someone who became an integral part to my campaign. I was getting messages all around the world telling me how excited they were to participate and be a part of TT&W. I was overwhelmed with emotions. People are pretty awesome!

Today something magical happened. I received an email from a wonderful lady with such nice words, I can’t stop smiling. We are growing at an incredible pace, and for someone who’s doing this relatively on her own, those words mean the WORLD to me. Today I’m thinking of all the other women out there who are busting their ass to put their passion to practice. It’s inspiring, exciting, and empowering to know so many women are out there ready to take their life in their own hands and make a difference. So just to be clear, your positive words, quotes, hugs, kisses, high-fives, and everything in between, are noted and for me, are a driving force behind what I do. So thank you. So very much. #smile #friends #instagood #love #beautiful #life #amazing #instalove #iloveyou #thankyou #supportwomenbusinesses #girlboss #womeninspiringwomen #girlpower #ttandw #travelcommunity #travelcompany #beautyeverywhere #wanderlust #inspired #motivated #onestepatatime #femaletravel #solotravel #worldtraveler #gosolo #womenintravel

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Consistency wins. Everytime.

As with motivation, being consistent helps you gain traction. I set out to write over two years ago, and there’s barely a day I miss out on writing. It’s become a huge part of my life, and looking back on my old writings, I can see just how far I came. One foot in front of the other and you’ll get there. I held myself to a very high standard and found a way to do something for the website or campaign every day. Even if it was for five minutes. Nike has it right; Just Do It.

You might just be someone’s reason to change.

When I began this creating this day, I didn’t want to be looked at as some inspiration or authority of solo female travel. I wanted to be an example that it’s possible. Getting e-mails saying that I have changed their life and that they are looking in to booking many more solo adventures due to my Day of Trust is more than I could have ever asked for. It’s incredible, really.

You are a hustler, baby.

This was a huge surprise for me. My jaw hurt from all the talking I did over the summer. I was literally talking about the Day of Trust everyday, all day to anyone I could. I hustled the shit out of my website, idea and mission. From creating my website, getting contributors, social media posts, free guides, campaigns, and everything in between had developed because I started a conversation about solo female travel. And I haven’t stopped since 🙂

Being adaptable will save you.

Roadblocks, setbacks, irresponsible people, mistakes and everything else the world will throw your way happens. And they happen a lot. I feel like I play a game of Dodgeball daily. Sometimes I win the game. Sometimes I get hit and I’m out right away. The point is to keep playing. You’ll win more than you’ll lose if you keep going. You’ll also get crafty and learn new and easier ways to tackle those tasks. You’ll become indispensable.

Well, my #dayoftrust2015 has been hilarious from the start. I woke up at my cousin’s with no electricity. She has a huge festival going on today, so you could imagine the stress that could cause. My intentions were to go SUPing (stand-up paddle boarding) today, but when I called, they said it was way too windy to go out. You would think I had a plan B, I did not. So I rummaged through my car and found my yoga mat. I got myself a coffee and went to a new beach. The wind WAS ridiculous. I could barely lay my mat down. I got a few poses in while onlookers watched and smiled. I finally gave up on trying to force a situation that wasn’t going to happen. I ended up playing in the sand, watching kite boarders get swept away by the mighty force, and just enjoyed being solo. That’s what this day is all about anyways. I made it back to my cousin’s for the festival and am enjoying the rest of the day at a glassblowing festival. Something I’ve never been to. You can catch the shenanigans of my Day of Trust on Snapchat ?:(ttandw) if you’d like. What are you up to!? Has anybody’s day been as crazy as mine? Ps. Do you see that I got photobombed by a kite!! ???

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Seriously. I can confidently say that I’m really proud of myself. I took on something bigger than I could imagine, and I finished it. It’s something that I will have for the rest of my life and I will forever be grateful for that. I gave myself the opportunity to grow and learn and for that, I’m so effing PROUD.

To everyone who has supported my mission for the last three months, I cannot describe to you how I feel right now. I’m filled with joy, nervousness, panic, gratefulness, appreciation, excitement and so much love. This has been an insane journey that has undoubtedly shaped my future in the best possible way. I’ve never worked this hard in my life and I am proud to know that I can push myself to be better and do better for the right reasons. But the most important skill I learned was to hustle. Hustle my mission, hustle my passion, hustle myself, and hustle for support. All of these took time and 1000% of my energy, but as the Day of Trust approaches, it was so worth it. I am so pumped to hear from all of you and what you’re doing for your Day of Trust. I just hope that you take away something positive from spending time solo, experiencing something new. And if you enjoyed it, continue to have your own Day of Trust whenever you can. Thank you for being a part of my social mission. There’s so much more in store, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Lots of love and safe travels, Jen ??✌?️ A photo posted by Travel + Trust & Wanderlust ? (@traveltrustwanderlust) on


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